How to I enter my activation key in to AVG

2019-07-22 16:41

Instructions for the activation of your new AVG Internet Security licence  


Step 1: Click on the AVG icon at bottom right hand corner of your screen. If you cannot see it my may need to click on the ꓥ symbol and then click on the AVG icon (as shown in Figure 1) If you still cannot see it try looking on your desktop or start menu for an icon that that looks like the image in Figure 1  

 Figure 1: The AVG Icon


Step 2: Once you have the AVG control panel open go to the top right and select my AVG (Figure 2).


Figure 2: Location of the "My AVG" button  



Step 3: Select my subscription from the menu that has now appeared (Figure 3)


Figure 3: Location of the My Subscription button


Step 4: Select “Enter a valid activation code” on the screen that has now appeared (Figure 4).


Figure 4: Location of the Subscription code button



Step 5: Paste or type the activation code we sent you making sure to include the hyphens in the correct places and then click on the green Enter button (Figure 5)


Figure 5: Activation code insertion window


A window now appears and will confirm the details you have just entered and will give you the expiry date of the new code (Figure 6)

Click on the green continue button to close this window and then you can close any of the other open AVG windows


Figure 6: The confirmation window  



Please do call us on 01226812000 if you have any problems or queries.

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